Real estate investment is a huge industry with plenty of opportunities for success. Finding the investment strategy that works for you will ensure your portfolio grows and your profits increase. If you are looking for ways to score big with real estate investments, keep reading and learn some of the most effective ways to score big and become successful in real estate investments.

Here are some effective real estate investment strategies from Sovereign Realty Advisors:

1) Buy and Holds

Buy and Holds are good long-term investments because of the steady additional income they offer and their ability to gain appreciation. This strategy does require a good amount of research about the market, neighborhood and property expenses and a positive cash-flow is a very important factor.

Not all buy-and-hold properties are the same. You can choose from single or multi-family properties where you must manage them yourself or hire out this service, or you can choose to invest in the retail market where you set the rules and create a renter’s association of sorts.

2) Retail

The U.S. retail market is big, and joining retail and commercial real estate investment strategies can lead to even bigger returns. Retail properties are leased to businesses which can range from small independently owned stores to much larger shopping malls. Retail properties provide an opportunity to rent out to local business start-ups, corporations and other business entities and get significant cash flow, but vacancies can last a longer than with residential properties.

3) Real Estate Wholesaling

If you are looking for ways to invest in commercial real estate and become successful without spending a lot of money, you may want to consider wholesaling. How does it work? A property wholesaler finds a seller who wants to put their property up for sale and has not yet gone on the market. The wholesaler finds a buyer and then is entitled to a share of the selling price. Networking in order to create a database of potential sellers and buyers is the best way to succeed with this strategy.

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