It is possible to make money in the commercial real estate investing business, even for those who are new to investing. Commercial property can include industrial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, shops and large retail facilities and any one, or a combination of, these can help investors become more profitable as they grow their portfolios.

Although it’s prospective, good returns don’t always happen right away. It requires a lot of understanding, research and hard work. Here are things investors should do to improve their chances of becoming success in the commercial real estate market:

1. Optimize space: Space is an essential asset in real estate investment. If you optimize the space, you might be able to create more units or have units with better layouts. A good design may allow you to add more units, without making each of them cramped.

2. Offer extra services: Offering additional services may boost your revenue while making your rental property more appealing to prospective tenants. For example, you could offer cleaning and trash removal services for office units in your property. It’s also a good idea to put vending machines in the hallway, so employees can grab snacks or drinks. Parking is often a big problem in many commercial properties, so you may offer more spacious parking spaces.

3. Increase the rent strategically: Raising the rent is the simplest and most direct solution to maximize your cash flow. However, it’s something that you can’t do whenever you need more cash. You need to set up the right timing. It is more likely for tenants to accept an increase in monthly rent, if they believe that it’s justified. Otherwise, their satisfaction level will plummet and once the lease ends, they may search for another rental unit. When the local businesses and economy are doing well, it’s a good time to raise the rent. Provide excellent services and make sure tenants are content, before attempting to raise the rent.

4. Maintain it: Maintenance can be costly, but it is important if you want to continue earning money from the commercial property. After constant use, the property will accumulate wear and tear. It’s a lot better to implement regular maintenance, rather than performing emergency repairs, which are much costlier. Identify weak spots and perform repair before leakage occurs. Flooding in office or retail units can be costly because equipment can be damaged. It’s better to keep everything in working order, instead of losing tenants due to the poor condition of your real estate property.

Thriving in the commercial real estate market is complex, but anyone can do it if they take the time to research the market and the potential tenants.

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