Are you considering moving to Massachusetts? Is Boston too “busy” for you and you want a place that has a friendly, welcoming appeal? Why not consider living in Salem? Salem is a beautiful city that offers history, a welcoming spirit and some incredible deals on residential property. Plus, there is always something to see or do in Salem and, for many people, that has become the biggest draw. Let’s take a look at some more reasons that Salem would be a good place to live and raise a family:

5 Great Things About Living In Salem, Massachusetts

Always something happening. Salem is one of those towns where there is always something fun and exciting going on. From concerts and festivals, to sightseeing tours and historic sites where you can learn even more about the place you call home, Salem has something for everyone.

Salem is close to everything. Salem’s unique location in Massachusetts makes it close to everything around it and the city is laid out in such a way that most of what you are looking for is within reach. With hundreds of restaurants, businesses and attractions, a trolley system and parking just about everywhere you look, Salem makes it easy to see and do more.

A great city for business owners. If you are looking to live in a city and operate a business there as well, Salem is right for you. Salem has created a world class support system for small businesses that include Salem Main Streets, The Salem Chamber of Commerce and a wide range of business tax breaks.

Property values.  Salem has some beautiful and historic residential properties available as well as many new developments where the property values are in line with the selling prices. Few cities can say that and Salem is proud of the fact that they have become a great place to live and work.

The witches.  We couldn’t create a “greatest things list” about Salem without mentioning one of the city’s biggest draws. Salem’s spooky of witches, witch trials and the macabre have made it and interesting place to live for many of its residents. Plus, who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

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