Whether you are selling your commercial property to finance another purchase, or you are downsizing your property portfolio, now is the best time to sell. When selling commercial, how can you sell your property faster and for the most profit? Let’s look at some ways that can help your commercial property sell it sooner.

Curb Appeal.  Even with commercial properties, first impressions matter. Curb appeal is important. Make your commercial property look good on the outside by cleaning windows, ensure the parking lot is clean, and repair damage to the exterior before you list.

Focus on the interior.  Cleaning the interior and adding a fresh coat of paint can really add to the appearance and value of your commercial property. Make any minor repairs before listing the property and clean up any clutter that could make a bad first impression on a potential buyer.

Check out the competition.  See what your competitors are doing to sell their properties and pay attention to what is working for them.

Know your potential investor.  Understanding what potential buyers are looking for in a commercial property is important if you are to sell yours quickly. Most investors want a turnkey property that is fully leased and that needs no repairs.

Play on your property’s strengths.  What makes your property stand out from the competition? Use these attributes to your advantage. Whether it is highway proximity, public transportation or traffic generation, showcase what your commercial property has to offer.

Choose a good commercial real estate advisor- an experienced commercial real estate advisor can make listing and selling your commercial property in Massachusetts easier and a lot less stressful. When choosing a commercial real estate advisor to partner with, be sure to look for these skills:

  • Knowledgeable in the local commercial real estate market.
  • Uses the latest technology to market your property.
  • Has a strong presence in the community.
  • Highly skilled in contract negotiation

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