A seasoned home investor understands that renting properties as quickly as possible is important to profit margin. Find the best tenants, offer competitive rental rates and do your best to ensure chosen tenants will take good care of your property, and will plan on living in your rental long term.

If you have an empty property and you want to find tenants fast, keep reading as we are going to share some useful tips and advice that can help you successfully rent your property today.

Here Are Our Tips for Successfully Renting Out Your Investment Property:

1. Use online ads: The Internet is an excellent way to reach out to millions of people. Your real estate agent can provide listings in the MLS, Zillow, Craigslist, Trulia and others that feature rental houses. They can be searched based on geographical areas, allowing potential renters full access to your property information 24/7. Prospective tenants often search based on price and number bedrooms so make sure that you include as much information about the rental house as possible. The more information provided, the more likely potential renters will tour your property.

2. Use social media: Social media is very effective for finding new tenants. Millions of people around the world use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It is a good idea for landlords to maintain a steady presence in social media. Photos, videos and other details about your property can be uploaded easily onto social media platforms.

Work with a real estate agent: Real estate agents charge a modest fee for filling a rental property and can take over many parts of the job such as marketing, online listing, brochure creation, open houses, and writing contracts. Having an agent work for your rental property is one of the best ways to get it filled quickly.

3. Offer incentives: People love to get free things and great deals. As an example, you can offer a free TV or air conditioning unit. A TV may seem a bit expensive, but it’s a good deal if you can rent out your house 3 or 4 months sooner.

4. Be responsive: Prospective tenants want landlords who are responsive. There are many ways to communicate with prospective tenants and if you show that you are available when they need you, you will find that your rental property will stay leased, longer.

5. Use word of mouth: Even in this digital age, landlords can still benefit greatly from the power of the spoken word. Let everyone know that you have a vacancy. After telling people about it, you will find that there is always someone who is looking for a home for rent and the people you talk to, just might know of someone.

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