Retail leasing in Massachusetts can be a selective and complex process.  Many Massachusetts based retail tenants are quite selective when it comes to choosing a property for their growing business. Property owners looking to lease their vacant retail space need to understand criteria potential tenants use for property selection. This is especially true if they want to lease their Massachusetts retail space as soon as possible. Here are some things that they can do:

7 Tips to Leasing Your Vacant Retail Space:

1. Emphasize the location: Most retail properties are already located in decent locations that will attract renters. Property owners need to emphasize how their location can attract nearby buyers and boost sales.

2. Understand customer profile: Property owners need to know about the specific types of potential customers in their location. This will help them to determine which type of businesses will be more successful in the location. Property owners can focus their marketing on specific retailers to increase the chance that their vacant property is filled immediately.

3. Improve the lease terms and conditions: These are critical factors for many retail tenants. Poor lease terms and conditions could be bad for business and significantly erode their profitability. Before deciding to rent the property, tenants often do a full lease review before signing the contract. Good lease terms and conditions will ensure the retail property is rented sooner.

4. Improve the property: Often, a retail property will remain vacant because it can’t compete with other properties in the area. Landlords need to find out what improvements have been made by their competitors and do the same, making some extra improvements if possible.

5. Accommodate branding: Many retail tenants require extensive branding awareness campaigns to boost their business. Landlords should ask potential retailers about branding requirements and do whatever they can to accommodate those.

6. Talk to local tenants: It is a good idea to talk with local tenants to know more about their needs. After talking with numerous tenants in the area, you will see some patterns about their fundamental requirements. Ask about the common issues that they are facing with their current rental properties and property owners.

7. Advertise: Even if you have the best retail property and the best location, it will remain vacant if no one knows about it. You need to advertise it to get new tenants as soon as possible.

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