Are you considering purchasing a bungalow in Massachusetts and wondering what some of the benefits bungalow ownership offers? Besides the many benefits from living in Massachusetts and having access to excellent schools, bustling urban life as well as more serene life in the suburbs, there are many benefits to owning a bungalow in Massachusetts and we are going to take a look at some of them now.

What Is A Bungalow?

The word “bungalow” originates from the late 17th century and it is of the Hindi word “bangla” which translates to belonging to Bengal. Bungalows were originally built for early European settlers in Bengal and is characterized by having only 1 story with some bungalows having upper rooms set in the roof with dormer windows. While the term bungalow does mean something different depending on the country you are in, we can all consider bungalows as being a detached, low-rise property commonly featuring verandas.

Bungalows Are Flexible.  Bungalows offer homeowners an incredibly flexible floorplan which makes them easy to design and furnish. This also ensures that extensions and remodels are easier and more affordable as most bungalow style homes were designed with this in mind.

Bungalows Are Accessible.  Being single story homes, a bungalow is perfect for anyone with reduced mobility or families with small children. The interior design of a bungalow makes them much more customizable than conventional homes in that rooms can be reconfigured and doorways can be widened as needed.

Bungalows Offer Privacy.  Bungalows typically offer the homeowners a great deal of privacy as they are usually a detached property. Being single story homes, adding trees and shrubs around the outside can add even more privacy as those plants mature.

Bungalows Offer A Larger Lot Size.  Because of the nature of a bungalow’s foundation and layout, they are generally built on much larger lots than conventional homes. This gives the buyer more value for their money and the option of extending the home during a remodel later.

Bungalows Are A Good Investment.  Owning a bungalow in Massachusetts is a very good investment in that, unlike properties in many other states, it is less likely to depreciate in value. The conservative style of a bungalow typically remains constant even decades after it is built which ensures a higher resale value even when the home sales market is in a slump.

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