Leasing Space for your Business

Your business location is the primary driver in potential revenue or foot traffic. If you are not doing business in an effective space, you may be missing out on important opportunities. Is more space needed to increase your number of employees? Are you located next to your target market? Do your employees require closer proximity to public transit? Each of these aspects can directly impact your possible revenue and the cost of doing business.

Sovereign Realty Advisors works with our tenant clients by creating a managed and competitive process designed to lower occupancy costs and realize the most favorable lease terms available. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to execute a lease that affords both flexibility and stability and provides your business with the best chance to succeed.

Let our experts help you find the best space for your business…


Where are your customers or ideal employees? Does your business require a lot of foot traffic? Are you employees specialized and likely to live in certain areas over others? A full demographic profile can help you make decisions on best locations for your business.


Do you want to be as far away from competitors as possible? Do you need a map of their locations and make decisions based on their missed opportunities? Our experienced agents can help you make these decisions to find your preferred space.

Traffic Counts

Does your business do better when located next to a busy intersection? Consider obtaining traffic counts on your preferred locations to make knowledgeable decisions on your future lease.

Compare Rates

How much extra would a space in that beautiful Main Street building cost?  Different lease rates in desired locations will give you helpful price comparison information to help you decide on your location.


Do your employees need to frequently travel to certain locations like post offices, laboratories or vendors? Perhaps a close location to these locations would be ideal in lowering cost and travel time.

5 Tips to Finding your Perfect Space

There are many questions to answer in your pursuit to find the perfect space for your business. This guide will walk you through five of the key considerations.

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