A recent study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders has shown that the average size of new homes in Massachusetts has been dropping. In fact, small home sales are on the rise and that could mean some very good deals for new home buyers.

Small homes offer new buyers a wide range of benefits that much larger, and more expensive homes don’t. Let’s take a look at some reasons you should consider purchasing a small house in Massachusetts:


4 Benefits Of Buying A Small Home In Massachusetts

1. Smaller Homes Cost Less- most smaller homes cost considerably less than much larger homes yet homeowners can still get the space they need. Many of today’s small home designs are showing that you don’t have to build an over-budget mansion to get the space and amenities you want. Smaller homes can also save the homeowner money on taxes and energy costs as well as routine maintenance and repairs.

2. Small Homes Save Time- cleaning and maintaining a smaller home takes much less time than the same amount of work on a larger home.

3. Smaller Homes Can Mean Quality Amenities- replacing something as large as countertops or natural wood flooring in a large home can lead to going over your home renovation budget. A smaller home means less floorspace to replace and less countertops as well which can mean that you can use the savings for better upgrades. Instead of laminate flooring, you can add natural hardwood floors. Instead of an inexpensive countertop, you can add granite or quartz and add even more value to your home.

4. Small Homes Are Typically Easier To Sell- it is easier to sell a smaller home than it is to sell a much larger one for many reasons. Smaller homes are more attractive to buyers because they cost less to heat and cool, they are much easier to maintain and they give the new home buyer even more savings over the long term.

Smaller homes are becoming the hot sellers in Massachusetts as more and more new home buyers are realizing the benefits of small home ownership and avoiding the mansion mentality of the past.

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