Cottage style homes are becoming more popular with new home buyers as they are looking for a home that is cozy, affordable and that has a classic style that they can make all their own. Massachusetts has a wide range of cottage style homes located throughout the region, home buyers just have to look for them. But before they can do that, they need to know what it is they are looking for and what makes a cottage style home so special.

What Is A Cottage Style Home?

So, what is a cottage style home anyway? To simplify the term, it is a small home that has a modest design and that offers a cozy appeal. While some might argue that it is what’s inside the house that makes up a cottage style home, others will say that the exterior is the only thing that matters. Still, others will argue that a cottage style home can only be a cottage style home if it is located in a rural or semi-rural location.

The original term, cottage home, comes from English architecture where it originally referred to a house with ground floor living space and an upper floor of one or more bedrooms fitting under the eaves. Today, the term can indicate any small dwelling of traditional build, as long as it resembles the classically styled cottage on some way.

Cottage Style Home Interior Design

As far as the interior goes, a cottage style home will have a simple, cozy interior design with the walls painted lighter shades of pastels and country-style furnishings. Bedrooms are typically upstairs and while not typical, many newer cottage style homes are adding a home office on the main floor.

While it may seem confusing to understand just what a cottage style home really is, consider that many of today’s smaller home designs are cottage designs and that will make looking for a cottage style home in Massachusetts easier and much more effective. Many real estate listings will also post the term cottage style or cottage design in their ad making it easier for new home buyers to find.

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