Here at Sovereign Realty Advisors in Massachusetts, we are often sought out for our knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate investment industry. Investors want to know that they are on the right track when it comes to their investment strategies and they need advice on how to make their investments work for them. One question we hear quite frequently is whether or not multifamily investments can bring in a steady source of income. Our answer, absolutely!

Multifamily investment properties are an excellent source of income and it is one of the most powerful investment strategies you can use to create sustainable cashflow month after month. Need more reasons to invest in multifamily income properties? Keep reading:

1) Multiple Properties Under One Roof Means Easier Management

If you have 4 single family investment properties, you have to manage each one individually which can take a lot of time and effort. By having all of your properties under one roof, you can manage them all much easier no matter how many units the property has.

2) Forcing and Phasing Appreciation is Easier

Appreciation in an investment property doesn’t just happen. Investors have to force appreciation and that is much easier to do in a multifamily investment property than in a single-family property.

3) You Can Easily Create More Cashflow in The Multi-Family Property

One of the main draws of multifamily investment properties is that investors can create more cashflow, much easier than with any other investment property type.

4) There Are Many Tax Incentives that Come with Multi-Family Properties

Investing in multifamily properties offer the investor a wide range of tax incentives that they can take advantage of. From providing safe, affordable housing, to simply the size of the property itself, there are tax breaks available for property investors looking to offset investment costs or increase the value of their portfolios.

5) Multi-Family Properties Hold Their Value

Investors know that multi-family properties hold their value much better than any other investment opportunity, even when the market is down. They provide a steady source of income and, when properly maintained, they will attract more long-term renters.

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