Buying land in Massachusetts can be a good investment and one that will likely retain its value. But, just like any other investment, choosing the property can be quite tricky. Here are a few things to consider before you buy land:

1. Contact a real estate agent: Going through a real estate agent or real estate advisor can be helpful when buying land as they have a network of resources available and can often find parcels of land that aren’t listed. A good real estate agent can help negotiate the deal saving you money in the process. In addition, there are many market factors that determine whether buying a piece of land is a good idea right now and, while you may only see obvious factors, there are other important factors that you miss.

2. Does it have access and internal roads? If you are buying land, make sure that it is easily accessible from the main road. Some pieces of land are hidden behind a row of houses with poor or no access from the main road. It might also be a good idea to purchase an additional small land area for road access.

3. The appearance: Focusing on appearance isn’t just an important factor when buying a home; you should also look for land that is more appealing. Is the property level, are there any trees that need to be cleared and does the land have any potential problems such as inadequate drainage or other natural factors.

4. Focus on location: If you believe that the land is in a good location, act on the purchase as soon as possible. That way, you can beat out the competition and get the piece of land you want, in the area you want. Be sure to do some research about the area first and learn everything you can about the property before making the purchase.

Choose SRA as your experienced real estate agent – If you are looking to purchase a piece of land for homebuilding or recreational use, be sure to contact a reputable real estate advisor and let them help you find the perfect piece of land that suits your needs and your intended use. A real estate advisor can save you thousands on your purchase and make sure that you get the best deal possible.

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