If you are considering purchasing a ranch style home in Massachusetts, there are many beautiful homes available that are priced very affordably. These are two of the top reasons homebuyers purchase ranch style homes as they are traditionally a good value regardless of the current property market and during the mid- to late-20th century, many of these homes were built, especially in the suburbs of Massachusetts.

Identifying Features of A Ranch Style Home

Perhaps you have heard of ranch style homes but aren’t quite sure exactly what they are and what to look for when purchasing one. There are many distinguishing features that identify a ranch style home including:

  • Ranch Style Houses Have One Story
  • Ranch Style Houses Have Low-Pitched Roofs
  • Ranch Style Houses Have Moderate or Wide-Eave Overhang
  • Ranch Style Houses Offer Asymmetrical, U- Or L-Shaped Floor Plan
  • Ranch Style Houses Include An L- Or U-Shaped Floor Plan Surrounding A Patio
  • Ranch Style Houses Offer Sliding Glass Patio Doors and Large Picture Windows
  • Ranch Style Houses Have Attached Carports or Garages
  • Ranch Style Houses Have Visible Children’s Play Areas

Open Floor Plans of Ranch Style Homes In Massachusetts

One of the top advantages of ranch style homes in Massachusetts is that they have an open floor plan and the rooms are all on one level. This makes them not only easier to live in for families with small children, but for the elderly and disabled as well. Originally designed to casual entertaining and ease of living, the ranch style home has become very popular with first time home buyers and retirees alike. Be remaining flexible and unpretentious, ranch style homes have won over the hearts of many homebuyers and are considered a good purchase for anyone considering home ownership.


Bringing the Outdoors In

With large picture windows and sliders to a patio area, ranch style homes make it easy to bring the outdoors in and to give homeowners easy access to their yards and garden areas. Traditionally, when looking inside the large front facing window of a ranch style home, you should be able to see all the way through to the outdoor area in back via the sliding glass doors.

Updated Ranch Style Home Variations

As ranch style home popularity grew, the design took on many new features including the split-level ranch style home which adds a second story and gives owners more privacy and the raised ranch. The raised ranch style home features a garage and a finished family room below the living and sleeping quarters, making it a two-story ranch home.

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