Rent a Home

Renting a house is a great way to test out a neighborhood or get acquainted with the idea of ownership before making the home-buying plunge. It’s also an excellent way to test out what exactly you want in your future purchase – neighborhood amenities, close-proximity to highways, school systems, etc. will all be made abundantly clear during your rental experience.

Research the area

One of the best ways to test your rental property’s locale will be to visit it at different times of the day. Is the morning flooded with children journeying to school? Is early nightfall full of families going on their evening walks? This is a good test to see if the location will be appropriate for your lifestyle.


If you have pet requirements, bring this up early with one of our experts. We will eliminate pet unfriendly properties from the search and filter out landlords charging outrageous pet rent.


Do you have a washer or dryer or refrigerator that you want to use? Or do you need the landlord to provide these appliances? Let our experts find available properties that meet your needs.

Release Clause

Be aware that United States renter laws are focused around keeping the renter in the home, not allowing the renter to move out upon adversity. If the rental property does not meet your needs and you wish to terminate your contract, without a “release clause” you could be stuck there through the entire contract’s duration. Note, that a release clause will often require a fee to be relieved of the lease early.

Ask the Landlord

Do not assume the landlord will repaint, clean the carpets or the house before you move in. These items should be agreed upon either in the contract or before the contract is signed.


Assume there will be a deposit (and perhaps a pet deposit, too) on the rental property. Ask if this deposit will be used toward your final month’s payment or returned to you upon a post-move-out inspection.