If you have warehouse space in Massachusetts and you are looking for ways to optimize that space and get the most value for your business dollar, keep reading as Sovereign Realty Advisors is going to share with you some of the top tips to utilizing your warehouse space and making the most out of the space you have.

Warehouse space is expensive and if sales are down, it could actually cost you more money to store your inventory than to sell it at reduced prices. Even when your business is growing and sales are up, the need for warehouse space can be just as important and making the best use of that space will ensure that you can store more inventory and be prepared for busy sales seasons. If your warehouse space is already at 80% and 85% of proper space utilization, your efficiency could decrease and you will need to find more warehouse space or become better organized. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can utilize your warehouse space in Massachusetts better today:

Tips to Utilizing Your Warehouse Space in Massachusetts

1. Get Organized- creating a plan for organizing your warehouse space is important as it will give you direction and help you decide just how much space you need and how much you can get by organizing your warehouse to become more efficient.

2. Manage Your Inventory- ensuring that your inventory levels are correct and that you don’t have an overstock problem will give you more space and help your order pickers find the items they need more efficiently.

3. Use Your Vertical Space- if you run out of floorspace, you can always go up. Make use of the vertical space you have available and add more shelving. Be sure to check the local fire code before adding shelving that could interfere with the sprinkler system.

4. Storage Depth- reviewing the depth of your storage can provide many opportunities for double-depth racking methods that will save a lot of space in your warehouse.

5. Install Mezzanines- mezzanines are an inexpensive way to add more space and maximize warehouse space utilization for inventory that doesn’t require high-bay storage.

6. Consolidate Storage Locations- if you store the same item in multiple locations throughout your warehouse, consider consolidating these items into one storage location to utilize the warehouse space more effectively.

If you are looking for warehouse space in Massachusetts, contact Sovereign Realty Advisors and speak with a commercial property expert today!

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