How do I become a successful commercial real estate investor? It is an age-old question that many new investors ask themselves as well as those with years of experience. Whether you are a cautious investor or a risk taker, success is something that can be predicted. Fortunately, you can create a strategy to make success much closer to inevitability. From planning ahead with a solid investment strategy, to always learning new strategies that can help your investments grow, if you are a commercial real estate investor in Massachusetts, you should keep reading. We are going to share with you some tips that could help you become more successful in 2018.

  1. Plan ahead: Commercial real estate investing is a business operation that requires strong planning. With a good business plan, investors can easily visualize the big picture. Regardless of the minor setbacks, a good business plan can help you maintain focus on your long-term goals. Investing in any real estate market can be demanding and complicated, so you need to stay on track with a solid plan.
  2. Know your market: Successful investors keep abreast of the latest trends and they have good knowledge of the market. There are various trends in the market, including changes in unemployment rates, mortgage rates and spending habits. If investors want to plan for the future, they need to acknowledge current conditions. By knowing the market, it will be easier to predict short- and medium-term changes in trends and potential opportunities.
  3. Create a network of referrals: Referrals are essential in commercial real estate investing. They may include clients, tenants, associates, business partners, contractors and suppliers. Successful investors pay attention to their referrals to represent themselves in a professional and positive manner. A referral network should help in creating opportunities and providing support for current clients.
  4. Learn new things: The Massachusetts commercial real estate market is evolving and there are always new trends, terminology, regulations and laws to learn. Knowledge forms the basis of profitable investment and investors who fall behind in terms of market knowledge may lose momentum.
  5. Taxes: Taxes may represent a huge portion of annual expenses in real estate investing. It can be quite complicated to understand current tax laws. So, you may need to work with reputable and qualified tax consultants and accountants who are able to handle this complicated task. Compared to the overall tax savings, the cost of hiring a consultant can be quite negligible.

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